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Connect with a Business Advisor from SME Centre@SMCCI

EIR Programme

SMCCI GROW HALAL & SMCCI GROW GLOBAL is an Executive-In-Residence (EIR) programme supported by Enterprise Singapore (ESG). SMCCI has identified Halal & Internationalization as key industries for growth and would like to assist SMEs to develop in these industries through the guidance of an experienced Executive-In-Residence. SMCCI welcomes SMEs to take part in this programme to explore exponentially growing their business.

Grow Halal


Grow Global



90 Degrees Asia

90 Degrees Asia provides digital marketing solutions for businesses who are seeking market penetration within Asia to sell their products and services. 


Roquepress is a technologically advanced digital marketing agency which aims at providing the most astonishing services in the fields of web development, business listings, and online advertising.

Tin Communications

Tin Communications is a boutique public relations agency in Singapore that specialises in media relations, and social media solutions for  solopreneurs, small and medium enterprises. 

Business Management

Adam & Hawa Network

The Adam & Hawa Network helps small business owners get the Right Knowledge & work with the Right Partners to grow their businesses - without making expensive mistakes.

Bettery Lab

Bettery Lab is a team of business progress facilitators, empowering businesses and leaders to be learning and achieving maximum performance in a constantly changing world. Bettery Lab helps businesses and leaders do it better through their people.

MEET Ventures

Meet Ventures is an innovation consultancy firm that specializes in helping organisations such as MNCs and government agencies to work with startups across Asia. Its core service is to help clients plan, develop and execute their accelerator programs.

SSA Consulting

As the consultancy arm of SSA Group, SSA Consulting brings a wealth of experience to organizations and offers in-depth analytical rigour demanded by the complexities and challenges currently faced by governments, business groups and organizations and SMEs in general.


McCoy Bespoke

McCoy Bespoke, incorporated since 2010, and a subsidy of McCoy Holding (2003), is an award-winning PMC certified firm with strong track record of successful branding that have helped clients to achieve higher conversion through better brand recall, and also successfully opened doors for local SMEs to overseas opportunities.

Torch Group

Torch Group is a quality-driven firm that provides integral consultancy services to SMEs. Their vast experience knowledge in the ever-changing business industry allows them to guide our clients to address their respective needs.
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