Food Safety Course Level 1 (Refresher)

With effect from 30 November 2020, the Refresher Food Hygiene course is now known as Food Safety Course Level 1 (Refresher). The course was introduced in October 2010 by National Environment Agency (NEA) to raise the standards of food hygiene in food establishment. The Refresher course is to ensure sustained awareness on good hygiene practices by food handlers.

Course Objectives

On completion of this unit, participants will have the knowledge and skills in Food Safety and Hygiene and be able to apply them at the workplace. 

What will be covered?

The course will cover the following lessons and five topics:

Topic 1: Practise good personal hygiene

Topic 2: Use safe ingredients

Topic 3: Handle food safely

Topic 4: Store food safely

Topic 5: Maintain cleanliness of equipment and premises

Who should attend?

Any person who is planning to handle and prepare food and beverage in SFA-licensed food establishment i.e. Kitchen Managers, Supervisors, Chefs, Sous Chefs, Cooks, Kitchen Assistants, Food Stall Assistants and all food and beverage handlers.


Copy of the Basic Food Hygiene Course certificate awarded by any ONE of the following:

- Singapore SkillsFuture Singapore under the WSQ framework.

- National Environment Agency (NEA)

- Ministry of the Environment

(Note: NEA continues to recognize Refresher Food Hygiene Course certificate awarded by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) form Oct 2010 to Jun 2014.)

Mode of Assessment

At the end of the course, participants will be required to undergo an assessment for 1.5 hours which comprises of practical performance (PP), written assessment which consist of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) and Short Answer Questions (SAQ).

Learners of “Food Safety Course Level 1 (Refresher)” will be awarded a Statement of Attainment for Food Safety and Hygiene Level 1, after they have sat for the Assessment and be certified Competent. To fulfil the assessment requirement on safety and hygiene, learners are encouraged to come for the training neatly attired with tidy hair and clean fingernails.

Course Fees & Schedule

Full course fee = $85.60 (incl. GST)

For Singaporeans/PRs (21 - 39 years old) = $21.60 (incl. GST)

For Singaporeans/PRs (40 years old & above) = $13.60 (incl. GST)

- Skillsfuture credits applicable

[ SMCCI Peniaga Pintar Fund applicable ]

Course Duration

Half-Day, 9am - 2.30pm


Various dates available

Training Provider

Eduquest International Institute

Ready to upskill?

For course registration and any other course-related enquiries, please email to:
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