Muslim-Owned Establishment Training

The 'Muslim-Owned Establishment (MOE)' certificate is an alternative to obtaining the Halal certificate from MUIS for businesses owned by a majority of Muslims. This certification will further reassure and boost the confidence of potential new customers to dine at your establishment/purchase your food products.

Certification Process

The certification process will be in the form of a blended learning approach, combining both 1) 1-Hour Online Learning (completion required before the online training) and 2) 1-Hour Online Training (with facilitator via video conference).

1) 1-hour Online learning

Participants will have access to mobile content which will provide knowledge on Halal food requirements, religious rulings and Halal issues in food products and menus. The mobile content should be completed before attending the online training.

2) 1-Hour Online Training

The webinar (conducted via Zoom/Microsoft Teams) aims to provide skills of discerning the Halal issues of food products. Participants will learn to verify the Halal status of food products. The online training also provides the opportunity to instil the appropriate attitude through discussion on case studies provided.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the certification, the F & B establishment 1) MUST be a member of SMCCI, 2) MUST be owned by at least 1/3 Muslims, 3) is ACRA registered and 4) has an SFA license.


If you are not an SMCCI Ordinary Member yet (at the time of registration) applying for the MOE certification, you will need to make payment for the SMCCI Ordinary Membership fees, on top of the MOE certification fees.

Below are the SMCCI Ordinary Membership fees which vary depending on the month you applied for:

Below is the MOE certification fee (valid for 1 year):

$170 (MOE training, e-cert & decal) + GST = $181.90


For example, if you are not an SMCCI Member and is applying for MOE certification in the month of October, below is the fee breakdown:

1. SMCCI Ordinary Membership (valid till 31 Dec 2022) = $45 + $180 (Base fee + 1 Year) + $25 (Admin fee) + GST = $267.50

2. MOE online training, e-cert & decal (valid till 31 Dec 2022) + GST = $181.90

Total fees (incl. gst) = $449.40


Kindly note that you should not make an upfront payment first. The SMCCI Capability Development team will be in contact with you within 2 working days to follow-up on your interest registration and verify the required documents to assess whether your establishment meets the eligibility requirements. Upon successful application, an invitation link to access the mobile learning content and online training will be sent to you.

Training Provider

Warees Halal Ltd

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