WSQ - Content Marketing Strategy

This course has been designed to emphasize to learners the importance of content marketing and customizing content pieces to targeted audiences to build an online following on marketing platforms; so that content marketing efforts can result in profitable customer actions.

Learners will be taught how to create a mind maps of the needs and wants of targeted buyer personas to facilitate the curation and scheduling of various content posts aimed at increasing engagement with these personas. They will also learn about the key ingredients of good copywriting to create compelling content in the posts that they send out to targeted buyer personas and how to appropriately sequence these posts with industry recognized marketing tools. Learners will be advised on the best practices to facilitate a seamless content marketing management process and be given tips on repurposing existing content into other shareable content types for various marketing platforms.

The main objective is to equip learners with the requisite digital marketing knowledge, skills, and attitudes to make informed decisions in curating and scheduling relevant content on multiple marketing channels for their targeted buyer personas. This will then allow them to appropriately manage cost effective content marketing campaigns that align with organizational business goals and objectives. These skills will help our learners to explore a career in digital marketing or to scale up their businesses.

What will be covered?

Content Marketing Objectives

- Concept of content marketing
- Benefits of content marketing
- Determining focus of content piece
- Setting SMART content marketing goals & objectives
- Choosing your content marketing platform
- Using content to build and maintain following on social media

Content Marketing Trends

- Content marketing best practices Emerging trends in content marketing delivery

Pre - Content Marketing (Planning)

• Creating buyer personas
• Generating content to engage buyer personas
• Types of content to post
• How often to post
• Content marketing life cycle
• Managing a content marketing schedule

During - Content Marketing (Writing)

- Aligning content with business goals
- Key elements of enticing and compelling copy

Post - Content Marketing (Editing)

- Structuring and sequencing posts
- Automating delivery of posts to targeted buyer personas

Course Fees & Schedule

Full Course Fee: $988.00 + $69.16 (gst) = $1057.16 (Inclusive of gst)

After funding,


For Singaporeans/PRs (21 - 39 years old) = $787.16 (incl. GST)

For Singaporeans (40 years old & above) = $167.96 (incl. GST)


For SME - Singaporeans/PRs = $167.96 (incl. GST)

For Non-SME - Singaporeans/PRs = $787.16 (incl. GST)

For Non-SME - Singaporeans (40 years old & above) = $167.96 (incl. GST)

Company Sponsored

- Absentee Payroll applicable for both SMEs & Non-SMEs

▪ For course commencement between 1 Jan 2021 to 30 Jun 2021, absentee payroll funding is at 80% of hourly basic salary, capped at $7.50 per hour.

- WSS scheme trainees (Singaporean aged above 35 and earn less than $2300)

▪ Employers will be eligible for Absentee Payroll support at 95% of hourly basic salary (subject to WSS eligible criteria)

[ SMCCI Peniaga Pintar Fund applicable ]


-  Skillsfuture Credit eligible for Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above.
-  Singaporean aged 17 to 30 may use PSEA (Post-Secondary Education Account) for fee payment.
-You may use U-tap to defray 50% of the unfunded course fee, capped at $250/year.
-  Training Commitment Award (TCA) of $100 for completing 2 WSQ courses.

Course Duration

2 days (17 hours of training, 1 hour of Assessment), 9:00am - 7:00pm


Upcoming Training: 29 - 30 Nov 2021, conducted at ASK Training @ JTC Summit.

Training Provider

ASK Training

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