WSQ - Develop A Risk Management Implementation Plan

Course Objectives

- Know the formation of risk management team
- Familiar with risk identification, risk evaluation and risk control measures
- Know the knowledge of risk communication and record-keeping
- Be able to develop a practical risk management implementation plan for the organisation

What will be covered?

- Verify the expectations of a risk management champion with relevant person in accordance with organisational Workplace Safety and Health policy

- Form a risk management team based on organisational WSH policy and in compliance with WSH (Risk Management) Regulations requirements

- Establish hazard identification methodology for the workplace to identify WSH hazards associated with any work activity or trade

- Establish risk assessment methodology for the workplace to determine the risk levels of the identified hazards

- Establish risk control measures methodology for the workplace to manage the identified risks to a level as low as reasonably practicable by following the principles of hierarchy of control

- Develop a workplace risk management plan to implement the hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk control measures in accordance with organisational WSH policy

- Present the risk management plan to relevant stakeholders for consideration in accordance with organisational procedures

- Inclusion of SGSecure elements for bizSAFE application, implementation and renewal.

Learning Methodology

Through hands-on exercises, participants are required to formulate a Risk Management Implementation Plan identifying specific actions to be taken, by whom and the timeline for completion. Submission of the company’s specific RM implementation plan is upon course completion for assessment. This assessment focuses on the participant’s competency acquired in class for mapping out a practical risk management implementation plan.

Who should attend?

Management, Environmental, health & safety personnel, line supervisors, team leaders, RM team leaders and risk management champions.

Course Fees & Schedule

Full course fee = $321 (incl. GST)

After funding,

For Singaporeans/PRs (21 - 39 years old) = $171 (incl. GST)

For Singaporeans/PRs (40 years old & above) = $51 (incl. GST)

[ SMCCI Peniaga Pintar Fund applicable ]

Course Duration

2 days, 9am - 6pm (16 hours)


Upcoming Training: 24 June - 25 June, conducted at SNEF Corporate Learning Centre @ Tanglin

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