Manage Innovation in a Business Function

This unit will enable learners to acquire the skills and knowledge to manage innovation opportunities within a business function, develop, support and guide employees to contribute to innovation, consulting with and seeking approval from relevant stakeholders on developing and innovation initiatives.

What will be covered?

- Evaluate business function performance to identify opportunities for innovation and improvement

- Create opportunities to maximize innovation within a business function

- Support and guide employees to contribute to the implementation of organizational innovation strategies

- Consult with relevant stakeholders to agree on broad parameters for developing innovation initiatives

- Conduct pilot testing/prototyping of innovation concepts within business function to determine feasibility of innovation initiative

- Develop and refine innovative initiatives to ensure achievement of desired business outcomes within a business function

- Make recommendations of innovation initiatives to relevant stakeholders for implementation

Who should attend?

Executives, team leaders, managers and Research & Development engineers.

Learning Methodology

This course will comprise of case studies, group discussions, activities and short lectures.

Course Fees & Schedule

Full course fee = $481.50 (incl. gst)

For Singaporean/PRs (21 - 39 years old) = $256.50 (incl. GST)

For Singaporean/PRs (40 years old & above) = $76.50 (incl. GST)

Funding Eligibility

In order to enjoy the funding, participants need to fulfill the following requirements:

- Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents (PR) of Singapore

- Attain at least 75% course attendance

- Successfully complete assessment & certified as competent

- Has not enjoyed funding for the same course before

- For company-sponsored participants, training is fully sponsored by companies, which are registered or incorporated in Singapore

[ SMCCI Peniaga Pintar Fund applicable ]

Course Duration

2 days, 9am to 5:30pm (Day 1), 9am to 6:15pm (Day 2)


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Ready to upskill?

For course registration and any other course-related enquiries, please email to:
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