ELEVATE Video Series

Are e-commerce platforms here to stay?

Learn the ins and outs of e-Commerce and how you can build your own successful marketplace from the seasoned entrepreneur in the
e-Commerce space himself - Daniel Lim.

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Video Lesson 1

In the first part of the lesson, understand the current landscape of e-Commerce and consumer behaviour today. Also, learn what makes a platform viable and the pros and cons of platforms to merchants/sellers and customers.

Video Lesson 2

In the second part of the lesson, Daniel shares on the common pitfalls of entrepreneurship and why setting up a platform may be much harder than you think.

Video Lesson 3

In the third part of the lesson, be guided step-by-step on how you can build a profitable e-Commerce platform and take notes as Daniel shares the must-have tools/solutions every e-Commerce business owner needs to have to accelerate their platform’s growth.

Video Lesson 4

In the last part of the lesson, find out which of these to build first for your platform - merchants/sellers or customers and learn how you can foster long-lasting relationships with them so as to extend their lifecycle.
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