ELEVATE Video Series

From Local to Global

Learn how to successfully expand your business overseas with the international business mogul himself - Farid Khan
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Video Lesson 1

In the first part of the lesson, find out if you are ready to expand your business footprint internationally and what needs to be checked off the to-do list before you proceed with your internationalisation plan.

Video Lesson 2

In the second part of the lesson, gain insights into how different areas of the world do business and take note of how the countries’ laws and regulations can act as a barrier to your business’ success.

Video Lesson 3

In the third part of the lesson, find out the key elements all companies need to know to ensure business’ success and what are the steps taken by Farid Khan in expanding his business abroad.

Video Lesson 4

In the last part of the lesson, learn how you can adapt your business to the overseas market while maintaining a global management perspective.
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