ELEVATE Video Series

Unsung heroes:
Logistics and its evolving role in business 

Learn the ropes of the Logistics industry from the man behind VersaFleet's AI-powered transport management system - Shamir Rahim.
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Video Lesson 1

In this first lesson, understand the changing nature of Logistics industry over time and how you can prepare your business for the evolving Logistics industry. Tune in as Shamir shares comparative insights into doing business in the Logistics industry in different countries and what new entrants should look out for in these countries.

Video Lesson 2

In this 2nd lesson, gain a deeper understanding on the inner workings of the Logistics industry as Shamir explains in great detail on the concept of a Supply Web and the opportunities that exist for new entrants who wish to partake in this industry.

Video Lesson 3

Get inspired from Shamir’s entrepreneurship journey as he shares on the early days of setting up VersaFleet and how they managed to stand out in this hyper-competitive industry. With a reputation of someone who is successful in raising funds, find out what are his opinions on it based on his experience as a Deal Flow Analyst in Philadelphia.
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